VertiBOT is an educational project to investigate and understand sensor fusion using kalman and complementary filter algorithm and PID control in an unstable system.

VertiBOT is an inverted pendulum platform that remains balanced by means of two tiny motors, located in the bottom of the structure. The battery is attached in the top of the main body, while the electronics board is located near the rotation axis.
The feedback signal is provided by an IMU 6Dof composed by an accelerometer and a gyro. One ATmega 328 microcontroller execute the main loop every 10 milliseconds. A wireless communication over bluetooth is used to tune and check the signal response in a Graphical User Interface software.

Breve Introducción. Análisis del problema

VertiBOT es un proyecto personal-educativo que llevo a cabo con el fín de poder tener una experiencia práctica en el uso y manipulación de filtros Kalman, complementary filter y ajustes de…

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